Shraddhanand Mahilashram Adoption Efforts

Adoption is one of the important activities of Shraddhanand Mahilashram since 1928.

Over 3000 children have been placed in families in adoption in India and abroad.

We are registered under State Government. We are also regitered as RIPA [Recognised Indian Placement Agency] with Central Aoption Resource Authority [CARA], New Delhi.

Legal procedures amd Adp[topm Fees are charged as per CARA guidelines.

We also work with CARA enlisted foreign agencies for inter-contry adotpion is concerned. Children have been placed in different countries such as USA, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Austria etc.

For in-country adoptions you may contact the Ashram's office telephonically or by e-mail. For further information you may visit CARA Website -