I do not believe in a religion or God that cannot wipe a widow's tear or bring a piece of bread to an orphan's mouth.........…..Swami Vivekanand


  • To establish, conduct and carry on welfare activities for needy and destitute women and children without any discrimination of religion, caste and creed.
  • To provide for shelter and welfare for needy and destitute Indian women and children.
  • To rehabilitate women and children through adoption,guardianship,foster care or marriage.
  • To provide for formal,non-formal and vocational education to orphans and needy girls coming from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • To empower women from economically,educationally and socially deprived background to earn their livelihood by establishing vocational centres.
  • To provide shelter to elderly destitute women by operating Old Age home.
  • To conduct a Working Women's hostel for providing and safe and clean hostel.
  • To sponsor education for economically handicapped children through assistance for books, notebooks, uniforms,etc.


To help create a world free of destitute women and children by empowering needy women and providing means to orphans and needy children to take flight.