R.S. alias Dadasaheb Tatke Vruddhashram Sankul

The Vruddhashram situated in calm and green surrounding has completed 45 years of its fruitful existence.

There are two sections of the Vruddhashram :

a)Janata Section:Here 30 elderly women who have no one to look after them are given accomodation provided with nutritious food and regular medical check ups and are encouraged to get involved in the daily routine.Lodging and boarding are free of charge.

b)Suvidha Section:Where 36 elderly women who can afford for their lodging and boarding are accomodated.Facilities provided in both the sections are same.With simple exercises and regular entertainment,these senior citizens lead a happy and contented life in the twilight zone of their lives.

As on 1/04/2012 , there were 40 Grannies in Janata section whereas the number of Grannies in Suvidha Section was 36.Total number of Grannies in the Vruddhashram is 76.

    Permanent Staff
  • Total - 6