Manorama Phadke Vidyarthini Vasati Gruha

Established in 2003, Manorama Phadke Vidyarthini Vasati Griha, provides accomondation to 97 girl students have been who attend colleges in the vicinity. Since it is a safe & secure place for girls, their parents are happy to keep them in our hostel. Once their girls get admission in our hostel, parents out of Mumbai are assured about her safety. There is a long waiting list for admission in the hostel.

There is twin accommodation in hostel rooms. Facilities like reading room, provision for use of computers, hygienic and nutritious food (breakfast & Dinner) are provided.

A laundry service is provided for the hostelites at reasonable rate. We are creating employment for Ashramkanyas who look after this job with the help of washing and drying machine.

Plans for extension of hostel building are afoot with which we will be able to accommodate 60 more girl students in the hostel.

We keep a few seats reserved entirely free for academically brilliant but economically handicapped girl students.